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Now serving Justice ReMix’d

The flavor and action campaign dedicated to criminal justice reform. We’re proud to work with Advancement Project National Office in supporting reforms that invest in people instead of prisons. Together we can transform the system to deliver justice for all, instead of just some. Pre-order a pint today!

We've Freed The Chunks!

Introducing NEW Cookie Dough Chunks! Dough lovers, this is your time to shine. Choose from 3 euphoric flavors, available for pre-order now!

2 NEW Non-Dairy Flavors!

Introducing Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Caramel Cluster Non-Dairy! Stock up your freezer today!

Euphoria For The Whole Crew!

Shop Ben & Jerry's t-shirts, ice cream accessories, baby gear, hats, and more. Great for gifting, even better for self-gifting. After all, everyone loves peace, love, & ice cream!

Build The Perfect Gift Pack!

Choose any 5 flavors, and we'll throw in a pint lock and pint cozy for good measure. A great gift for friends and family, or a perfect way to pack your freezer with your absolute favorite pints. It's more euphoria than you can shake a spoon at!

Ben & Jerry's euphoria comes in many forms, which is why you've come to the right place! From Ben & Jerry's T-shirts and merchandise to the funkiest, chunkiest flavors and products we have to offer, our online store has all your needs covered.

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