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Ben & Jerry's Gift Shop

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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

    Introducing your new favorite summer flavor: Pucker Upper! »

    This sweet-and-tart roller coaster of euphoria is available now for a limited time only, so snag your pint while you can!

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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

    We’ve Freed The Chunks! »

    Introducing NEW Cookie Dough Chunks!
    Dough lovers, this is your time to shine. Choose from 3 euphoric flavors, available for pre-order now!

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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

    2 NEW Non-Dairy Flavors! »

    Introducing Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Caramel Cluster Non-Dairy! Fans have been asking for a Non-Dairy version of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for ages, and our Flavor Gurus have finally gotten the recipe juuuust right. Stock up your freezer today!

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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

    Euphoria For The Whole Crew! »

    Shop Ben & Jerry's t-shirts, ice cream accessories, baby gear, hats, and more. Great for gifting, even better for self-gifting. After all, everyone loves peace, love, & ice cream!

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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Perfect Gift Pack

    Build The Perfect Gift Pack! »

    Choose any 5 flavors, and we'll throw in a pint lock and pint cozy for good measure. A great gift for friends and family, or a perfect way to pack your freezer with your absolute favorite pints. It's more euphoria than you can shake a spoon at!

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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

    Dough Cores Lovers Gift Pack »

    Treat your loved ones, or yourself, to three pints of doughy deliciousness, 2 bags of our new cookie dough chunks and the Ben & Jerry's pint lock and pint cozy. This is sure to delight the dough-head in your life.

Ben & Jerry's euphoria comes in many forms, which is why you've come to the right place! From Ben & Jerry's T-shirts and merchandise to the funkiest, chunkiest flavors and products we have to offer, our online store has all your needs covered.